Volume2- Issue 4

Spring 2005

ISSN # 1545-8903


Peace Magazine

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Speak truth to power
and they call it revolution...

...Eugene V. Debs

E'tokmit e'k, rangimarie, hedd, pace, tutquin, shanti, vrede, paquilisli, MNP, Onai rahu, amani, kev sib haum xeeb,salam, shalom, shaantiM, hedd, gutpela taim, lalyi, pesca, damai, raha, fred, eirni, pax, mir, peace, heiwa, amn, nabad, rauha, paz, frid, paco, shAnti, paqe, danh tu, ittimokla, rahu, paix, beke, shalom, mnonestotse, kapayapaan

INDIANA HOLISTIC HEALTH NETWORK www.indianaholistichealth.net

War on Choice

The current federal administration and Congress have revived retrograde anti-choice policies, installed religious political extremists in key administration posts and on the federal bench, and pushed ideology rather than scientific or medical evidence in domestic and international reproductive health policy. All these measures threaten women's rights and health, not only in the U.S., but around the world. The effects will be felt first and foremost by poor women everywhere, but will ultimately touch everyone.http://www.saveroe.com/choice/index.php Click here to access information on:" Access to Abortion - http://www.saveroe.com/content/index.php?pid=28"
Contraceptive Equity - http://www.saveroe.com/content
/index.php?pid=28" Emergency Contraception - http://www.saveroe.com/content/index.php?pid=27"
Family Planning Funding - http://www.saveroe.com/
content/index.php?pid=26" Sexuality Education - http://www.saveroe.com/content/index.php?pid=29"
War on Women Reports

- The War on Women reports were prepared by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a nonpartisan advocate for reproductive rights and the leading provider of reproductive health care services, without which women cannot be free to control any other aspects of their lives. In reviewing the chronology of events, we admit to being baffled by George W. Bush's seemingly single-minded determination to strip women of reproductive rights and access to the panoply of reproductive health services - not just abortion but even family planning and real sex education. Planned Parenthood has a wealth of factual evidence to document George W. Bush's seemingly inexplicable war on women. We call upon you to bring this important and newsworthy story to the attention of the American people and to connect the dots to elucidate what it all means. Get the details at http://www.saveroe.com/content/index.php?pid=24


Surviving Radiation the Wise Woman Way
by Susun S Weed

(Author of Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way) (The IHHN is fortunate to have Susan as a regular contributor to our newsletter).

We are adapted to survive mild exposures to radiation. After all, the sun is a kind of controlled nuclear bomb and it releases a lot of radiation. Of course, this radiation, and man-made radiation, can also cause cancer and a host of short- and long-term health problems. Whether you are worried about the radiation from dental x-rays, a mammogram, or fallout, here are some Wise Woman Ways to help you stay healthy. (If you are using radioactive therapies in your cancer treatment, there is a chapter full of information specifically for you in Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way.) Japanese researchers found that diets high in carotenes significantly reduced DNA damage in humans exposed to radiation. Supplements of beta-carotene (or of vitamins C or E) did not show this effect. Eating lots of orange and dark green foods (sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, carrots, kale, collards, chard, and spinach, for example) can protect you from radiation-induced cancers. To read the rest of this article go to www.indianaholistichealth.net/


The Freecycle Network™

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is run by a local volunteer moderator (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by clicking on the region on the right. It will generate an automatic e-mail which, when sent, will sign you up for your local group and send you a response with instructions on how it works. There are currently 45 groups in Indiana. To find yours go to http://www.freecycle.org/display.php?region=US+Central

The Freecycle Network is made up of people, non-profits businesses giving away things rather than throwing them out, the Primary Intent being to reduce waste and use of landfills. We all have things in our garages, closets, attics, offices, etc., that we don't need. Freecycle lets you find someone who does. No item is too big or too small, but ALL must be 100% free with no strings attached. http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/BLOOMINGTON

Here are other freecycle groups in the state. If you know of any, send the info to us. Anderson-FreeGiveAway http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Anderson-FreeGiveAway



Celebrate World Laughter Day on May 1st 2005

Laughter Club International: The Laughter Club International (LCI) is a worldwide non-profit organization whose aim is to create awareness of this new yogic technique of Laughter Therapy all over India and other parts of the world, by setting up Laughter Clubs and imparting practical training in various techniques of laughter. Their aim is to bring people of various countries together and promote everlasting peace through laughter. To cultivate the spirit of laughter by understanding ways and means of sensible living and putting them into practice through laughter. To set up a team of doctors from various specialties and systems of medicine to conduct scientific studies and research work as to how laughter can affect the physical, mental, social and spiritual well being of the participants. To publish journals and set up libraries of books, videocassettes, CDs and other information on Laughter Therapy. In India most Laughter Clubs function on an everyday basis and the members meet at public parks where people go for a morning walk. If you want to start a Laughter Club, find a place in your locality where people can assemble early in the morning when they go for a walk. It can be a public park, an open ground, or a beach. The advantage of selecting such a place is that you can combine laughter therapy sessions with your morning walk. The chosen place should not be in the immediate vicinity of residential complexes so as to prevent any disturbance to others. In areas where weather conditions are un favorable, these sessions can be held during yoga classes, at health clubs or at aerobic centers, where laughter can be a value addition to the ongoing activities. From time to time the Laughter Club International and Dr. Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga keep organizing anchorperson-training programs all over the world. For training schedules you can keep checking their website www.laughteryoga.org. In the Indianapolis area contact: Carol Filkins' Laughter & Wellness Programs. Carol can conduct laughter club sessions as well as offering talks, seminars, and workshops on the power of laughter. This Certified Laughter Leader can be reached at weinc@wellnessendeavorsinc.com, or contact Laughter For Life Laughter Club's(tm); Lynn Shaw, MSW, Certified Laughter Leader, who conducts laughter clubs and offers a variety of talks, seminars, workshops and other programs about the power of laughter and humor. For more information she can be reached at lynn@lynnshaw.com.To get a new club registration form along with an information guide on how to form a Laughter Club contact laugh@vsnl.com. http://www.mikekerr.com/clubs.asphttp://www.humorforyour
health.com/news_nov2001.html http://www.worldlaughter



Alzheimer's Support: Bloomington:

BHHS Alzheimer's Resource Center, Address: 619 West 1st Street, Phone: 812-353-9299, Facilitator: Jody Curley. Date: 1st and 3rdThursday of each month, Time: 3:30 p.m.
Bloomington Adult Community Center http://www.bloomington.in.gov/parks/bacc.phpMorgan

County Center for Women's Ministries http://www.bloomington.in.us/~natlcwm/morgan.html

Alzheimer's Resource Center [Community Information]http://www.monroe.lib.in.us/databases/cominfo

Independent Lens - filmhttp://www.pbs.org/independentlens/maggiegrowls/



Many are already enjoying the fresh bitter taste of spring dandelion greens, lightly steamed or tossed fresh into a salad; the tight flower buds, battered and fried, blossoms gathered by the quart for fermenting into a fine tasting golden amber wine. Visit this site to get nutritional facts - www.rwood.com/Articles/Dandelion_Greens.htm

Good medicinal source - http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/mgmh.html

Center for Sustainable Living is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that was formed by Bloomington residents in 1992. It is the mission of the Center to make available information, services, projects and networking opportunities for those interested in exploring ecologically sustainable ways of thinking, living and interacting in our community.

Current projects of the Center are Bloomington Organic Gardeners, BloomingVision, Community Bicycle Project, Composting Project, Food Project, Green Dove Peace Network, Guest Lecture Series, Holistic Affordable Housing, Natural Building Group, Simply Living Fair, Straw Bale House and the Young Activists Funding Network. www.simplycsl.org


The IndianaHomeschoolers

IndianaHomeschoolers is an e-list community for all homeschoolers in the state of Indiana. It is intended to help link parents who homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling, and provide information about support groups, activities, legal issues, and homeschooling news statewide and nationally. This is an inclusive, open and professionally managed e-list community, open to homeschoolers of any religious belief or none, and any style of homeschooling. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/

Page 7– Vol.2-4– SPRING 2005 GREEN DOVE

Rejecting the toxic plague - WAR ON PLASTIC

by Jan Lundberg and Northern Californians Against Plastic

Plastic as toxic trash is barely an issue with health advocates, environmentalists, and even those of us looking toward the post-petroleum world. Instead, "recycling" and future "bioplastics" distract people from keeping plastic out of their lives. As the evidence from our trashed oceans and damage to human health mounts, plastic can no longer be conveniently ignored. The days of naive trust and denial need to be put behind us, and a war on plastics declared now.

If this sounds unreasonable, decide after reading this report. One recently discovered principle about exposure to toxic chemicals is that very low concentrations can trigger worse damage in many individuals than larger exposures, in part due to the sensitivity of our genes. Also, potency is not possible to predict when various plastics' chemicals combine in our bodies and cause synergistic reactions later on.

One must acknowledge today's extreme dependence on plastics. They are pervasive, cheap, effective, and even "essential." The list of plastic types goes far beyond what we can start listing off the top of our heads. If a product or solid synthetic material is not clearly wood or metal, chances are it is plastic -- almost entirely from petroleum. Computers, telephones, cars, boats, teflon cookery, toys, packaging, kitchen appliances and tools, and imitations of a multitude of natural items, are but part of the world of plastics. Living without them would seem unthinkable. However, these plastics are essential to what? Answer: essential to a lifestyle that is fleeting -- historically speaking.

There are people who say they cannot live without something, and those who yearn to do so. People think it is a matter of choice. However, when the coming petroleum supply crunch hits and cannot be alleviated by more production -- world extraction is soon passing its peak -- a combination of factors will deprive global consumers of the constant flow of new products now taken for granted. Therefore, we will not have a choice when we must do without.

Secondly, but not less critically, the ongoing use and "disposal" of plastics is a health disaster, because we are never rid of the stuff. All the plastic that's ever been produced is still with us today... unless, of course, it has been incinerated which spews a plethora of toxic substances into the air. But wait, hasn't there been progress? Plastic grocery sacks are 40 per cent lighter today than they were in 1976, and plastic trash bags are 50 per cent lighter today than in the 1970's. However, growth of the market cancels out any gains, and plastics' pollution just accumulates whether in the air, water or soil -- or our bodies.

Most North Americans urinate plastics. Sperm counts are at an historic per capita low. Cancer is an epidemic. Birth deformities, sex organ abnormalities and eventual cancers are becoming more common -- all traceable to certain chemical exposures to the fetus. If the human race is not driven extinct by nuclear holocaust or complete distortion of the climate, it may happen through wonderful plastic and other petrochemicals. The foregoing is an "unscientific" assertion, but later in this report we provide some evidence to give everyone pause.

Most North Americans urinate plastics. Sperm counts are at an historic per capita low. Cancer is an epidemic. Birth deformities, sex organ abnormalities and eventual cancers are becoming more common -- all traceable to certain chemical exposures to the fetus. If the human race is not driven extinct by nuclear holocaust or complete distortion of the climate, it may happen through wonderful plastic and other petrochemicals. The foregoing is an "unscientific" assertion, but later in this report we provide some evidence to give everyone pause.

The movement's first U.S. battle
The current, high profile battleground is San Francisco. Following the example of Ireland and other countries that have put a fee on plastic bags and achieved figure is the cost that the citizenry is already paying in general taxes for some of the costs of plastic-bag trash, such as cleaning up the litter and unclogging the waste system.

The American Plastics Council claims that the bag fee is a crazy idea, saying in the San Francisco Chronicle that "this will hurt those who can least afford it." Just the opposite is true.

Northern Californians Against Plastic presented figures to show that if each of the 347,000+ households in San Francisco were to purchase a couple of cotton or canvas bags, over the approximate 10-year life of those bags the total amount saved -- compared to everyone using eight bags each week at 17 cents each -- by consumers would collectively be over (to read remainder of this essay and see photos, go to www.culturechange.org/e-letter-plastics.html#cont>)

To help in the war on plastic, please alert other websites and publications to Culturechange.
org. We also need your donations: www.culturechange.org/funding.htm (secure
on-line donating). Or, mail any donation to: CULTURE CHANGE or NORTHERN CALIFORNIANS AGAINST PLASTIC,
P.O. Box 4347, Arcata, California 95518
USA, Telephone 1-215-243-3144, info@culturechange.org, www.culturechange.org


 Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas

What a gift to be asked to write a review for this delightful children's book told in both Tibetan and English. Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas is a very beautiful book written by artist and Buddhist Naomi C. Rose with a forward by the Dalai Lama. It is illustrated with bright acrylic images to teach three powerful life lessons using traditional Tibetan characters and themes whose lessons go beyond religious, national, and societal boundaries.

The books goal is to impart wisdom thinking and this is done through three stories with popular themes about not judging others because of their appearances, finding a path beyond fear to underlying truth and offering compassion.

"Yeshi's Luck" is a popular, often re-told tale of how a boy learns to not judge events too quickly from his very wise father. "Jomo and the Dakini Queen" is the tale of a young girl as she searchs to see beyond the crankiness of her guardian Aunt to the beautiful, loving spirit concealed within. "Chunda's Wisdom Quest" takes us journeying with a young wisdom-seeking monk who finds that he must decide to risk his life in order to aid a wild creature known as the yeti.

These simple tales are powerful, and Naomi Rose's bright impressionistic paintings help to convey the warmth and wisdom within these stores. Having the Tibetan translation of each story is an added visual bonus, allowing children to see how the story is presented in the language of their original storytellers.

Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas is a wisdom book adults will enjoy sharing with any child of any religion.

Review by P. C. Coleman

Purchase Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas

Help Save Medicaid!Send Families USA Your Story!

Families USA (www.familiesusa.org) is embarking on a campaign to protect the Medicaid program from federal cuts. To communicate our message clearly and in a way that resonates with a broader audience, including the news media, state legislators, Senators, and the general public, we need to humanize this debate. And the best way to do that is by enlisting the help of those who depend on Medicaid.

Seniors, children, people with disabilities, and working families in your state can speak on behalf of the thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries across the country who are so vulnerable to program cutbacks. Their voices can and should be heard in Washington, DC by Senators who can put a stop to any attempt to cut Medicaid funds.

We are looking for people who believe that Medicaid is a vital health care lifeline. We are looking for people who can agree to speak to reporters in person and have their pictures taken to better illustrate our message. We are looking for those who can help spread the word that the federal government wants to cut their one and only source of health coverage and that this is not only unfair, it is morally wrong. We are looking for those who can talk about their fears of becoming uninsured and having to choose between paying for rent and food and paying for health insurance. We are looking for hardworking Americans who play by the rules and depend on Medicaid for their health care. We are looking for children, who do not choose to become sick, and seniors, who cannot be blamed for living a long life. We are looking for the faces of Americans across the country.

If you know a senior, a child, a person with a disability, or a working family in your state that has Medicaid coverage, please contact Alexandra Zavala, Families USA Communications Outreach Coordinator, at 1-800-593-5041 ext. 3614 or at azavala@familiesusa.org mailto:azavala@familiesusa.org.

For more information on the UUA Washington Office¹s Health Care Campaign, please contact Amelia Rose at arose@uua.org or (202) 296-4672 x21.


Thanks for your support--and for the work you're doing, Starhawk


Patent Rights Over Human Rights: African Women and US AIDS PolicyA MADRE Position Paper

Thanks largely to the work of African public-health and social-justice advocates, growing numbers of people around the world know that sub-Saharan Africa is the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic: the majority of AIDS deaths worldwide are in Africa, where 20 million people have already died and nearly two-thirds of the world's HIV-positive people live. Fewer people know that most Africans living with HIV/AIDS are women, and that young women are now being infected at a rate three to four times higher than young men. For many, this information is absorbed through a mesh of stereotypes that make human misery seem like a natural condition of life in Africa. But while AIDS-like the Asian tsunami-may have originated in nature, the magnitude of its destruction is a man-made disaster. http://www.madre.org/articles


Page8– Vol.2-4– SPRING 2005 GREEN DOVE

Who has the answer? for women of war
by Deidre Da Silva

Green gypsies crawl through
dirty streets- calling for broken babies
searching, digging, in search of pieces of life before
Their stubby fingers grope
for Grab at the scraps of what once was
Glass shards pierce blackened skin
adding yet another drop of blood to the cause.
She has only one question.
One thing
to ask anyone who will pause long enough
to listen.
"When will there be peace?"
"do you know??"
if so please, please tell me"
"When will there be peace?


OCA & Cancer Prevention Coalition Warn of Hidden Carcinogens in Baby Care - Time to Protect Babies From Dangerous

Productshttp://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/babies030105.cfmSPLENDA'S MISLEADING ADVERTISINGThe Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding the advertising practices of Splenda. The artificial sweetener carries the slogan "Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar," and as a result, nearly half of all consumers believe Splenda is natural, according to a survey done by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. In actuality, Splenda is made through a complex chemical process using chlorination and phosgene gas. www.organicconsumers.org/corp/splenda030105.cfm SUPPORT LOCAL FOOD - your donations and submissions are at work creating a directory of locally available resources! Help keep the network growing. Do you know of any local seed exchanges or plant swaps/meets? - Send info. to localfood@greendove.net. On the web at www.greendove.net/localfood.htm

- New - Local Food Bloomington Blog at http://www.localfoodbloomington.blogspot


The World Says Yes to Peace

Web Sites to Check out

-Information on the cost of this war can be seen at: http://costofwar.comInformation on U.S. casualties in Iraq can be seen at: http://icasualties.org/oif/ Information on Iraqi civilian casualties can be seen at: http://www.iraqbodycount.net/ Information on the "No Draft No Way" Movement can be seen at: http://www.nodraftnoway.org/


Rally In Support of Gay Rights

By Dr. Mary Mahern On Tuesday March 8th the Bloomington community was well represented at the rally for gay rights at the State House in Indianapolis. I was part of a group that met at the Unitarian Universalist Church around 9AM before driving to Indianapolis. We gathered in a circle and heard words of solidarity from Rev. Barbara Carlson and Rev. Bill Breeden before loading our hand printed signs and carpooling our way toward the state capital. The weather forecast was for cold: however I was optimistic, but prepared, as the sun was occasionally shining on our caravan.

I was excited as we arrived at the Capitol building and many were already gathered on the east steps, and beginning to line up along Capitol Avenue. It was invigorating to be among so many people standing in the cold to stand up for equality for gays and lesbians and support their right to marry. I was grateful for the opportunity to counter the rally going on inside the State House organized by Eric Miller, a right wing radical homophobe who had mobilized many busloads of people from areas around the state. As the buses stopped for the light before turning to park and unload on the south side of the Sate House I held up my two American flags to get their attention so they would read my red, white and blue sign that read "OUR AMERICAN VALUES: FREEDOM, FAIRNESS, HUMAN DIGNITY, EQUALITY FOR ALL UNDER THE LAW".

As larger pro-gay rights numbers gathered on the eastside of the building I decided to greet the people getting off the buses and entering the south side doors. There were many groups of school children middle school, and High School age from Christian schools. One young man after reading my sign aloud said, "I don't get it." Perhaps as he thought more about it, it began to make sense. Or maybe it will make sense to him years from now. I was glad to stand there and to talk to some of these young people later after the rally. Of course a significant number of these youngsters are discovering their own homosexuality, I was glad we were there showing our support for who they are.

Among the 800 plus crowd outside were a group of women singing a song to reassure those frightened that gay marriage will somehow hurt traditional marriages with the refrain, "We won't hurt you". I saw college students I recognized from Bloomington. I saw many same-sex couples both lesbians and gay men and their children. There was a man offering hot coffee to the shivering demonstrators, several Indiana Civil Liberty Union observers and some wonderful speakers. Our State Senator Vi Simpson spoke as well as my brother Ed Mahern, a state legislator from Indianapolis. I became tearful when he spoke about our brother who did not feel comfortable as a gay man staying in Indiana after High School and moved to Southern California 35 years ago. I felt hopeful that eventually our American values will prevail and we will stop the drain on our state of the talented people that leave our state for other locations where they feel accepted. I was proud as a Unitarian Universalist to see so many from our congregation and to hear Dennis McCartney a UU minister from Columbus address the group.

The weather was cold, windy and even snowy at times as we were blessed with the white crystals that gathered in our hair. I was kept warm by the passion of my conviction that everyone in our society is equal, and by jumping up and down and holding my sign up high for all to see. When the speakers were done and the rally was over we were encouraged to go inside and speak to our state representatives. Many took the opportunity to go in and meet with the people on the other side of the issue who were coming out the doors. Many impassioned conversations took place. As I gave my talk on "our American values" to a group of young Christian men in coats and ties, I could see that although there were two verbal spokesmen for Biblical references to the sin of homosexuality, others behind them were not talking, but were listening. One said "good speech" as we went our separate ways. It was a great day for a peaceful rally.

Dr. Mary Mahern is a family practice doctor in Bloomington, IN who occasionally participates in demonstrations to exercise her freedom of speech, encourage others to do so and to effect positive change for her children and the many generations to come.


Love is a combination of six ingredients: care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust. As you go about your life, you can ask: the action I'm taking, does it have these six ingredients? bell hooks

Page9 – Vol.2-4– SPRING 2005 GREEN  DOVE

-The Flower and Herb Exchange - the Flower and Herb Exchange (FHE), founded in 1989, is patterned after SSE but is a separate organization. FHE issues one publication each year mailed in March to more than 1,700 members. The 88-page 2004 Flower and Herb Exchange Yearbook contained the addresses of 200 members who were offering nearly 2,000 of old-time flowers and herbs. FHE is re-creating the garden landscapes of the past by reintroducing plants that once bloomed in our grandparents' gardens and yards. Thanks to FHE's members, flowers and herbs that were rare are becoming abundant once again.

-Seed Exchangers, PO Box 10, Burnips, MI 49314-0010 - Membership - 12 monthly issuesLocal and state gardening, herb and farmers market resources on the Indiana Holistic Health Network - www.indiana




The 4th Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County Women's Build will take place May 14-21, 2005. http://www.bloomington.in.us/~
habitat/wb05/wb0505.htm for more information.


Inspirational Artist, Patricia C. Coleman is currently on display in the Wandering Turtle Art Gallery, 224 North College, Bloomington


Betty Sanders - 75 Years of Seeing Things painting exhibit, Bellevue Gallery, 312 S. Washington, Bloomington


Sidney Chafetz - Art of the Printmaker, Prima Gallery, 1099 E. Sixth St., Bloomington. 336-0564


Bloomington Alternative becomes a Weekly!

I went to the "first hard-copy" celebration of Bloomington Alternative catered at the Cinemat on Tuesday, March 22. We had wonderful vegetarian food catered by the Bloomington Cooking School, including a chili, corn cakes with mango dip and three delicious cakes. Local citizens of Bloomington spoke including Steve Higgs, the editor of the paper, Greg Travis, who writes Civitas in the BA, Sandra Tokarsky, from CARR, Andy Ruff, Councilman extraordinaire, and your truly for the Center for Sustainable Living. A good time and a good read was had by all! The paper will come out twice a week. Long live the
by Lucille Bertuccio

Prabha Trimurty
Peace is a language
of crystal clear-words.
Peace makes living
Peace wakes us up to
salute the dawn.
Peace casts out every vice
from this world.
Peace wipes out
Peace reunites people
in harmony.
Peace gives us a chance
to believe.
Peace rises above suspicion
giving us strength.
Peace lets us see all
earth offers.
Peace causes weak minds
to blossom and rise.
Peace serves to advance
an honest mind.
Peace gives us relief
from misery.
Therefore I pray and ask
Let peace dwell in you and me

A Few Books suggested by Friends-The Little Book of Conflict Transformation Lederach, John Paul. A good introduction to transforming conflicts in a positive way. Useful for both individuals and organizations. -Searching for Peace. The Road to TranscendGaltung, Johan and Jacobsen, Carl G. A basic book about conflict resolution which includes the TRANSCEND approach to deal with conflicts and create a dialogue for peace. (London: Pluto Press, 2000


by Madan Gandhi

Where are we heading?
Does anyone know
the direction and the flow?
On what precipice bending?
Doesn't the flow portend
the tragic, fated end of all
that in centuries fruitioned;
a sudden annihilation?
Are we going to begin again,
have we come full circle,
is this the end of all endings,
the point whence we set out in primal times?
Peace love and well-being of all,
the goals our ancients cherished
went about spreading the message
in every corner of the world.
But could not persuade
their fellow citizens--
the consequences of clashes
of powered greed
can spell a permanent nuclear doom.


A presidential initiative called The "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health" has issued a report recommending forced mental health screening for every child in America, including preschool children. The goal is to promote the patently false idea that we have a nation of children with undiagnosed mental disorders crying out for treatment.www.house.gov/paul/ or www.mindfreedom.org/mind


The World Bank vs. the World's Poor

The World Bank is helping Third World governments cripple their economies, maul their environments, and oppress their people. From Benin to Zaire, the bank has spurred the nationalization of Third World economies and increased political and bureaucratic control over the lives of many of the world's poorest people. http://india.indymedia.org/en/2005/

Before You Come Rejoicing
Kenneth Rehill

Look behind you!
Where are all the bison
and the tall grasses?
The greatness is gone from
the plains.
The hardwoods
of the eastern forests are
the spars and ribs of sunken
Now you reciters
of the Apostles' Creed turn
greedy eyes to the north,
toward the last intact
cathedral your Creator
made and assert it needs
Would you
scrape the charcoal
from Leonardo's sketches?
Recycle the pigments from
all the Picassos?
Cut up
Michelangelo's marble
masterpieces for counter
tops and tombstones?
But you'd turn your drills
and dozers on the last great
landscape of your Lord
Thank God!
Thank Him for creating
both heaven and earth
and putting only earth
at your disposal.



Dandelion Fritters

-Mix up your favorite pancake batter and increase liquid by 1/8th of a cup.-Use honey or rice syrup to sweeten batter - 1/3 to 12 amount of sugar.-Oil and heat non-aluminum skillet with an eighth of an inch of oil. Gather 3 o 4 cups of dandelion flower heads without stems. -Heat oil in skillet until it sizzles when a bit of batter is dropped into it. Dip dandelion flowers into the mix and drop into hot oil head-first. Fry flowers until golden brown. Turn with tongs and brown other side. Drain on paper towel and serve hot or cold. Enjoy with sea salt and pepper or maple syrup. G.D. Grazers

Page10 – Vol.2-4– SPRING 2005 GREEN DOVE

Despite Major Opposition Mexico Approves
Genetically Engineered Crops - Mexico
approves planting and sale of GM crops

Mexico is the centre of diversity for maize
Karla Peregrina and Javier Crúz22 February 2005
Source: SciDev.Nethttp://tinyurl.com/4u4uv[MEXICO CITY]

Mexico has passed legislation that authorizes the planting and selling
genetically modified (GM) crops. The Mexican congress's upper house (the Senate), passed the law on 15 February, with 87 votes in favour, 16 against and 6 abstentions.Since it was proposed, the law has created considerable debate in Mexico and has practically split the country's scientific community in two. The Senate drafted the law in April 2003 with input from the Mexican Academy of Sciences (AMC), the country's leading science organization. However, some academy members were critical of the process and the academy's involvement."Any omissions we may have made in selecting the committee which represented the academy before Congress were without malice," said the academy's President, Octavio Paredes, in an interview with SciDev.Net. "At the time I did not sense any serious difference of opinion from within the academy. "René Drucker, coordinator of scientific research at Mexico's NationalUniversity (UNAM), and former president of the AMC, disagrees. "[The law] will bring no benefits to our country in the future," wrote Drucker in a letter to La Jornada last year following the law's approval by Mexico's lower house, the Chamber of Deputies.Another letter to the same newspaper mocked the law, suggesting it should be named the "Law of Genetic Colonization for the 21st Century". It was sent by Ignacio Chapela, the US-based Mexican biologist who first claimed that genes from other species had entered wild maize in Mexico (see GM maize found 'contaminating' wild strains).Chapela's letter said the law served the interests of Mexico's elite, "which in turn represents economic and political interests from within and outside the country". The law was also criticized by other researchers who oppose the import, distribution, release and consumption of genetically modified organisms in Mexico. Seventy researchers signed a full-page statement in the 8 December edition of La Jornada that said it was regrettable that the recommendations of a lengthy study by the Environment Cooperation Commission for North America had been ignored.The study said action should be taken to reduce the risk of foreign genes spreading and to conserve the biodiversity of maize varieties in Mexico (see Warning issued on GM maize imported to Mexico). Mexico's senators did, however, seek the advice of the scientists before drafting the law. Francisco Bolivar Zapata, another former AMC president and a senior researcher at UNAM's Biotechnology Institute, says that the chair of the Senate's science and technology commission, Rodimiro Amaya, explicitly asked the Mexican Academy of Sciences for advice. Bolivar adds that the academy put together a group of 40 of experts "from all areas of knowledge and from various institutions" to prepare a draft of he bio-security bill.After three months of work, a document titled Basis and recommendations fora Mexican law on biosecurity of genetically modified organisms was presentedto the Senate, which then incorporated the recommendations and approved thedraft bill (in April 2003) before sending it to be debated by the Chamber ofDeputies.As well as permitting planting and sale of GM crops, the law covers the conservation of genetic resources, and calls for a special protection regime - yet to be determined - for varieties of maize native to Mexico, the crop's centre of diversity.It also requires all GM products to be labelled according to guidelines to be issued by the Ministry of Health.Link to document detailing how the Senators voted (in Spanish):http://www.senado.gob.mx/content/sp/
resumen/content/votacion.pdfLink to transcript of senators' debate (in Spanish)
http://tinyurl.com/3v7qxLink to full-page statement by Mexican scientists in the 8 December editionof La Jornada (in Spanish)http://www.biodiversidadla.org/

"We Have Had Enough"
Natalia Ovchynnykova - Ukraine

Doug Nicholls

Gone in a flash were the arm in
arm couple,
full of tales, laughing their way home last night,
and the lad I saw this morning on the
hillside steep, whistling into the wind
hand-holding his two young
brothers carefully down.
gash of war, quick, staked
lewd carnage and the fox hole sniper's ear-splitting seconds cracking into prams, bring time to an end.
Sheltering in cathedral vaults
an apprentice mason comes to finish peace.
One palm crease
will release
her vibrant dove in
radiating lines of love.
A swift flick of his knife
will give
the sprig of olive
everlasting life.
All he has learnt hangs on two small cuts.
One slip could chisel violence. Diplomatic swing, then mallet lands,
the stone bursts into bliss,
steel edge and love line kiss.
His skill was not to hit a point, but miss,
his action brisk
and sure, with no concession, no sense of risk.
The dove brings olive to the boys, couples and soldiers
time and time again, but never to the apprentice,
who lets her loose and carves a
bird of prey.


The Marketplace Still Attaches Your Fool To Money
Üzeyir LokmanÇAYCI

One does not sell
broken pottery,
look for profitable business.
A hump on her back
your wife Zâra
beats the wool
Let your hungry children
and your animals that wait for fodder
not cause you to brood;
the market place is always
attaching your soul to money.
You sell your merchandise,
you make money,
you will not go to Nigde...
You remain without hope
in the marketplace.
Your customers hearing your voice
say "Halil is still here...
"Sell your apples
snatched from their branches
hope they are all eaten;
the marketplace is still there
attaching your soul to money.
You sell your merchandise,
you make money,you will never go to Nigde...
Let indifference
not change you,
the shenanigans
and acrobatics
of all sorts -
let all that
from one direction
not tire your mind.
The marketplace is always there
attaching your soul to money.
You sell your merchandise,
you make money,
you will never go to Nigde...


EARTH DAY - Bloomington, Indiana - 2005 - . Earth Day Indiana Festival, Indianapolis, Saturday, April 23, 2005, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm American Legion Mall, N. Meridian and North Street

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