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Volume1- Issue 1- Fall 2002
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"You can look at war as a massing of arms and matérial and troops, but you can also see it as something else--as a delicate web of interwoven choices made by human beings, made out of a certain consciousness. The decision to order an attack, the choice to obey or disobey an order, to fire or not to fire a weapon. Armies and, indeed, any culture that supports them must convince the people that all the decisions are made already, and they have no choice. But that is never true." The Fifth Sacred Thing" by Starhawk
Young Peacemakers Clubs around the world enriching the lives of children through the persuit of peace for all.
Green Dove invites children in the Bloomington Area to submit artwork for the Green Dove's Children's Peace Art Gallery
Teach Tolerance
May we sow seeds of peace, justice and freedom. May we be seeds of peace, may we be seeds of justice, may we be seeds of freedom. G.D.

Jewelweed - Mt Gilead Friends Retreat
- provides a sanctuary, rooted in Quaker tradition, for those who seek spiritual renewal drawing upon the inspiration of nature.
Alternet is an independent news coverage site of world events. Lots of current event news from around the world

Nuclear Shorts for a world view of whats happening on the nuclear front
Reprinted from the Nukewatch Pathfinder, Fall 2002
The Progressive Foundation
P.O. Box 649
Luck, WI 54853

Nuclear Shorts

Compiled by B. Mills

Reactor Closures Improve Health

WASHINGTON - Local infant deaths and childhood cancer rates have dropped dramatically following the closure of eight U.S. nuclear reactors. According to a report published in the Archives of Environmental Health, there has been a 17.4 percent fall in infant mortality in counties lying up to 40 miles downwind of nuclear reactors in the two years following the reactors' closure. Over the same period, the national decline was just 6.4 percent....





It is early November, wet and still, there are some wonderful colors in the tree leaves. A few week ago it seemed unusually warm. The last few years has each in turn been unusual. The fields are just newly greened, belieing the fact that winters chill, is perhaps what we will experience tomorrow. Just a few weeks ago, the landscape seemed to be a drying forest with crinkling green leaves. The poplar trees leaves were browning and dropping quickly, their crashing sounds resembled the sound of trees thrashing in a storm. This was just before the remnants of southern storm rains arrived and soothed the cracking earth and parched plants.

I cannot recall the last season when I enjoyed such vibrant reds, oranges and rust hues. I am grateful for this leafy visual feast, realizing that there are many who have had their landscapes destroyed by damaging weather which they have no control over, and those whose lands that have been poisoned and ruined for future generations by the debacle we call war or chemical waste.

The world is writhing in a myriad of unnecessary crisises placed upon us by our own social and political behaviors towards one another, and our use/abuse of earths resources.Weather patterns are disturbed by the chemicals we create through a variety of industrial and military applications.

Many of those in power seem to be short sited and motivated by greed, and are doing everything to force this nation into a war that is being decried by the majority of U.S. citizens and most countries all around the world (even if the media says different).

Yet, I am hopeful because of the thoughtful people on this planet who would have us truely live in the shelter of one anothers hearts.


The Other "Good War:" Afghanistan One Year Later October 7, 2002
By Rahul Mahajan
As the full imperial dimensions of current administration policy become clearer, helped along by the recent promulgation of a new "national security" policy that calls explicitly for a new imperialism based on military dominance, opposition to the planned war on Iraq is mounting across the globe (except in Congress, where the Democratic leadership has once again sold out, ignoring the overwhelming message sent by the huge grassroots mobilization of recent weeks).

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Center for Sustainable Living
Home to BloomingVision, the Community Bike Project, Earth Garden, Food Project, Guest Lecture Series, Natural Building Group, Simple Living Circle, Simply Living Fair (September) Tea Party, a Journal of Revoluntionary Thought and Wild City Initiative

In the biggest anti-war demonstrations since the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of people on October 26th took to the streets across the country announcing with a massive visible and vocal presence the creation of a new


Bush's Lies and Simple Truths

Speech to antiwar rally, state Capitol steps, Austin, TX,
October 26, 2002
by Robert Jensen

A few weeks ago Jim McDermott, a courageous congressman from Washington state, traveled to Baghdad in pursuit of peace and was sharply criticized, particularly for his comment that George Bush "might mislead" the American public to build support for an attack on Iraq. He got only one thing wrong -- the "might."
George Bush HAS misled the American public.

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Not in Our Name

NO War Without Limits
NO Detentions & Round-ups
NO Police State Restrictions

Act Now To Stop War and End Racism
Peace actions around the globe
Stop new-Terrain I-69, Thursday Nov. 7 is the last day for public comment. Benefit November 7th at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater at 7:30 P.M. $5 donation to support CARR, COUNT US !, HEC and ELPC featuring the music of Alma Azul, Mitch Rice and friends, The Randy's and more

Gathering for Peace

On October 26th, in conjunction with the national anti-war march on Washington D.C., nearly 200 people gathered at Monument Circle in Indianapolis, IN, to protest U.S. actions and threats against Iraq. People carried banners, signs, and peace flags demanding an end to violence, an end to sanctions, an end to blood for oil. Drums, songs, poetry, slogans, speeches, and prayers spoke Truth to Power as downtown visitors and shoppers gave overwhelmingly positive support by honking horns, and giving thumbs-up and peace signs to those gathered near the edge of the street.

After a few moments of silence for Senator Wellstone and his family and staff who were killed in a plane accident on October 25th, Andy Jacobs spoke passionately from his dual position as a war veteran and former congressman to call for diplomacy and patience. He stated very clearly that there was no real evidence that called for the U.S. to declare war against Iraq.

Congresswoman, Julia Carson, decried the economic and human costs of war. On October 9th, she voted against the House resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq.

Viet Nam vets, students, professional people, political leaders, and just ordinary folks spoke out against the proposed war. A troop of half a dozen drummers from Bloomington drummed for peace as dancers moved to the rhythm. Musician, satirist Dave Lippman, aka CIA agent, from Chapel Hill, NC, brought levity to the gathering by revealing the absurdity and transparency of this administration's powermongering.

The four hour demonstration ended with a prayer for peace and compassion offered by a Mennonite, a Muslim, and a Catholic. It was a day of standing up for peace and justice, a day of speaking out for truth and honor, a day of hope and inspiration for Indiana peacemakers. -Glenda Breeden

Click Here to read a letter to the H.T. editor on the Iraq War by Peace Activist Glenda Breeden

"If you want peace, you have to stop talking about war."
Arundhati Roy

October 27,2002

Dear Friends:
Yesterday my wife and I marched in the national demonstration inWashington D.C. to mobilize against the war in Iraq. We joined hundreds of people from Western Mass including many UMass faculty and students. Organizers and CSPAN both estimated the size of the crowd to be about 200K

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Green Dove is accepting submissions of articles, essays, stories poetry, art, cartoons, and photographs. Green Dove Web Magazine needs your work.

E'tokmit e'k, rangimarie, hedd, pace, tutquin, shanti, vrede, paquilisli, MNP, Onai rahu, amani, kev sib haum xeeb, shaantiM, hedd, gutpela taim, lalyi, pesca, damai, raha, fred, eirni, pax, mir, peace, heiwa, amn, nabad, rauha, paz, frid, paco, shAnti, paqe, danh tu, ittimokla, rahu, paix, beke, shalom, mnonestotse, kapayapaan
The words above are from an open book titled Peace Words. It contains but a small number of translations of the word peace. We humans have less than 2000 writing systems within the over 7,000 known languages and dialects spoken in over 189 countries.
Visit Local Food to try a yummy Paw Paw Bread recipe or the Rainbow Potato Salad.
Spirit & Place
Spirit & Place, a festival of the Arts, Humanities, and Religion, November 1-11, 2002, at various sites around Central Indiana is offering over 100 diverse events in 70 different venues. Events include dialogues, drama, demonstrations, exhibitions, films, hands-on workshops, music & dance, readings & lectures, workshops and worship services.

The events featured a public conversation, Sunday, November 3rd with Mary Gordon, spirited novelist and memoirist, Bell Hooks, a courageous cultural critic and Barbara Ehrenreich, a silence-breaking journalist. Scott Russell Sanders moderated the talk.

The primary message of this conversation was clear, that Americans must stand up for our freedom of speech That, in light of the current world events, we must not allow fear to prevent us from speaking our true thoughts. We must be willing to break silence that some would impose upon us.
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Volunteer Bloomington
or call
349-3433 to find out how you can help

Bloomington Volunteer Network

(I will update ASAC)

Reading Tutors
The Indiana Reading Corps
at Big Brothers Big Sisters
is seeking at least 10 motivated
people to help children with
their reading. Qualifications include an interest in reading
and literacy, a love of children, and a sinceredesire to improve
opportunities for today's
youth. Must be dependable
and have own transportation.
Hours for conducting one-on-one sessions with students are Monday and Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:30 pm. Minimum age is 18. Contact Brooke Ransom at
334-2828 or

Trail Day at Brown County State Park - Nov. 16th

Help improve and revise existing trails with better drainage, and
develop some new
hiking opportunities. Meet at 9 am at the West Gate (off State Road 46, west side of Nashville;) tools are provided, but bring your own lunch. Work
ends at 3 pm. Minimum age is 16 unless accompanied by an adult. For more information, call the Park Office at (812) 988-6406 or contact the Hoosier Hikers Council at (765) 349-0204 or

Education Week Volunteers - November 18-22
Work with students editing their short stories and creating
published "books" at
Arlington Heights Elementary School during American Education Week. Volunteers
will read children's work, edit the material and help youngsters to organize their
stories and bind them. Minimum age is 16; the school is wheelchair accessible.
Contact Dr. Linda Black, Principal, at 330-7747 or

Holiday Pet Food Drive: November 21-1 - Dec 26
Help with this annual event sponsored by the Monroe County Humane Association to raise food, toys, treats, blankets, and more for the Bloomington /Monroe County
shelter critters. Help is needed with the placement of donation
boxes and the collection of donations. Minimum age is 18. Contact Kathy Obrakta at
ext. 6 or

Fundraiser Volunteers - November 30
My Sister's Closet, which provides workplace clothing to low income women enrolled in job placement programs in Monroe County, seeks 40
volunteers for its big fundraising event on Nov. 30th. Volunteers will be positioned in
supervised groups handing out educational literature and displaying donation cans in front of retail establishments that have given their permission. Two-hour shifts in the morning and afternoon. Minimum age is 16. Contact Sandy Vincent at 349-4050

Green Dove is dedicated to being a presence for peace, offering connections to individuals, organizations, resources and current events.

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Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.
--John Lennon