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"You can look at war as a massing of arms and matérial and troops, but you can also see it as something else--as a delicate web of interwoven choices made by human beings, made out of a certain consciousness. The decision to order an attack, the choice to obey or disobey an order, to fire or not to fire a weapon. Armies and, indeed, any culture that supports them must convince the people that all the decisions are made already, and they have no choice. But that is never true." The Fifth Sacred Thing" by Starhawk

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Peace, in the sense of the absence of war is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold. It will not remove the pain of torture inflicted on a prisoner of conscience. It does not comfort those who have lost their loved ones in floods caused by senseless deforestation in a neighboring country. Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed and where individuals and nations are free -
The Dalai Lama

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"The choice is not between violence and nonviolence, but between nonviolence and nonexistence." Martin Luther King

Drums im protestof the First Nations Governance Act (FNGA)

Dear People,I am grateful for the abundance I witness in nature, and for the flourishing of hopeful spirits. Admittedly hopeful by nature, I remain so, and am buoyed by those around me who continue to act with the intention to share, strengthen, and work toward developing and manifesting hopeful visions of a world filled with peace, love and justice.

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It's so much easier to make war than to make peace. War only requires finding the soft underbelly of the other, and attacking with the force to do violence. Often a single act, well placed, does fatal damage. Peace, on the other hand, is ecological--it is created not out of one move, but through the joining of many moves, in an exquisite dance of increasingly intimate exchanges. Peace requires attention to sequence--some moves are necessary before others can be embraced.
The notion of peace being "achieved" is a misapprehension. War--or rather success in war--can be achieved because its end is the destruction of something dynamic. War renders static what was previously alive. By contrast, peacemaking brings tender life to what was previously barren. Peace is not achieved. Peace is nurtured, cared for, and lived in joy. Peace is alive.
from Jim Moore's Weblog
FCC Chair Eyes June 26 Vote to Destroy Last Ownership Regulations on Media as Chicago Hosts Public Forum on Media OwnershipMichael Powell, FCC chair, has admitted to planning sweeping changes in U.S. media ownership during the first week of June (likely June 2) in hopes of bringing the changes to a vote at the agency's June 26 open meeting.The planned changes could lead to a single company owning all the media properties in a single city and an acceleration of hypercommercialism of the media. But a movement is afoot to raise awareness of these plans in hopes of stopping them. CLICK HERE
War Costs Our Children's Future

War Resister Statistics for Education

Compiled by Frida Berrigan, Senior Research Associate, World Policy Institute

April 11, 2003 - President Bush asked Congress for $75 billion to pay the initial costs of the war in Iraq.

For the same amount of money, we could hire 1,155,715 Elementary School Teachers to educate Americas children

Five days of war in Iraq = Eliminate illiteracy world wide

($1.1 billion) ($5 billion, World
Game Institute)

2.8 hours of war in Iraq = Nutrition supplements for 200,000 eligible families not

($45.8 million per hour) covered ($130 million, CBPP)

1 minute of war in Iraq = Headstart Education for 115 children

($763,000 a minute) ($6,633 per child, National Priorities Project)

1 second of war in Iraq = Twice what U.S. spends per year, per child

($12,730 per second) in primary education ($6,043, Digest of Ed. Stats)

For more information: Center for Budget and Policy Priorities http://www.cbpp.org/

Page 2

Dear Editor,
(The response to this letter is in the next column by Dr. Clark Britain)

I noted that you posted "Susan Urbanek Linville' case against Marijuana" by Clark Brittain w/o linking to the primary article. In fact, I wonder if anyone on your staff even read the primary article.

Dr. Brittain has basically twisted Sue's article to bolster his political agenda. Nothing new there. What is bothersome is that you seem to have bought into that process without the slightest degree of critical thinking.
Sue has a Ph.D. in biology, by the way, though he refrains from mentioning that and actually implies otherwise.


In Response by Dr. Clark Britain

"there is a lot of information 'out there' and virtually all of it (Scientific, reasoned, or studied) supports legalization and medical utility of marijuana... "

I will try to address Steve Ramey's letter in a bit more detail. There is no doubt Ms. Urbanek Linville is well read and articulate. People with varying backgrounds can read the same article and come away with differing views on that article. It's the old glass half full, half empty syndrome. However, I will try to make my point a bit clearer than the HT word limit allows.

CLICK TO CONTINUE Steve Ramey's Letter and Dr. Clark Britain's Response

4000 Demonstrate Opposition to FNGA
See Photo
05/15/03 KENORA -
Around 4000 First Nations and non-aboriginal people took to the streets of Kenora to protest the First Nations Governance Act (FNGA). Kenora is the home riding of Bob Nault, Canadian Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, and his proposed suite of Bills would mean drastic changes to Aboriginal rights in Canada. Read

Dear Friends,

For Rachael, and other fellow activists who have been casually killed while offering an alternative to senseless violence.
I am perplexed by the callousness of those who would deny worth of cause to all but the well armed, suited and protected, paid military persons entwined in conflict.

I hear the "GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS AND....etc." For Rachael, and other fellow activists who have been casually killed while offering an alternative to senseless violence. Read

Take chances. When rowing forward, the boat may rock. -Chinese Proverb
Endangered: Family Farms/Amish Communities/Wildlife/Your Tax Dollars"

Paving this Indiana paradise to build a highway would be a four-lane fleecing of America...a fleecing that would take you and your tax dollars for a billion dollar ride." Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, April 29, 1998
The state is trying to reject our "Common Sense I-69" alternative. This endangers Amish communities, the Patoka National Wildlife Refuge and will costs taxpayers over $1 billion dollars. The state's plans would immediately destroy over 7,000 acres of forests, wetlands and farmland and set the stage for much more destruction.

Your letters needed now: HERE'S HOW

Flag-waver's arrest tells us we have something to fear

by Ruth Holladay

related stories - Bush protester won't accept bond by Jim Walker

May 20, 2003, IndyStar.com

The original published version of this story contained an error which has been corrected.

Be scared. Be very scared.
You live in a city that harbors a "violent" flag-waver, a man so subversive that he "separated from the group" of his fellow demonstrators -- talk about a radical! -- during President Bush's visit here last week. This crazed fiend then jogged along the sidewalk, "violently" waving his United Nations flag, according to an Indianapolis Police Department report, while the commander-in-chief's motorcade tooled down 38th Street near the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Read


Guest Column about Julia Ward Howe originally appeared in the Bloomington Herald-Times, May 2002
by Denise Breeden-Ost

"Howe did not exhort moms to put their feet up, daughters and sons to buy greeting cards."

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe invented Mother's Day. Or did she? Howe might not recognize her "Mothers' Day for Peace" in 2002. Here is Howe's "Mother's Day Proclamation": Read

May 12, 2003
Hon. Richard G. Lugar
1180 Market Tower
10 West Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Dear Senator Luger:

It was a privilege to hear your Commencement address at Indiana University. I would also like to express my appreciation for Chip Sinders's kindness in meeting with Bret Davis and me. We admire your receptivity to constituent concern, and we are grateful for the efforts of Chip, Lesley, and Ken to listen to diverse opinions. Read

Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly. -Robert H. Schuller

Education - The Root of All Good

Education experts put a series of powerful arguments on the table Wednesday in testimony before a congressional committee aimed at persuading legislators to support increased U.S. spending on global education--especially girls' education--to $1 billion annually by 2006.
OneWorld US - May 16, 2003
Alison Raphael, OneWorld U.S. Read

Is Cuba Next?

Amid signs that the US government is going to take aggressive actions against Cuba a demonstration organized by the No War on Cuba Movement was held at the Treasury Department. The US already maintains a strict economic embargo on Cuba, administered by the Dept of Treasury, as well as a travel ban. Following the expulsion of 13 Cuban diplomats and escalating rhetoric from the Bush administration, many worry that Cuba could be next on the hit list in the war on terrorism.
The Funkinest Journalist interviewed Olivia Burlingame of the No War on Cuba Movement, who provides background on the current situation with Cuba. The Funkinest Journalist a
irs on Thrursday's from 9-11pm on Radio CPR, 97.5FM in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.
[ photos | listen (160kbps mp3) | ldownload (5.7MB) ]

Grace News

By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

The U.S. government this week launched its Arabic language satellite TV news station for Muslim Iraq.

It is being produced in a studio -- Grace Digital Media -- controlled by
fundamentalist Christians who are rabidly pro-Israel. Read

Starhawk Back Home

I'm back home and safe--here's one more story from Palestine, Starhawk

Next year in Mas¹Ha
By Starhawk

On the eve of Passover, after a month I spent in the occupied territories of Palestine working with the International Solidarity movment, a month that saw one of our people deliberately run over by a bulldozer driven by an Israeli soldier, ...

West Virginia Dept. of Corrections Witholds Privileges Due to Internet

Support prisoners in West Virginia
by Bork 8:11pm Tue May 13 '03 (Modified on 2:54pm Thu May 22 '03) jamieandjoe@mutualaid.org
The Mount Olive Correctional Complex / WV Dept of Corrections inmate regulations call for a 90 day Loss of Privileges for an inmate's name being found on the Internet through search engines. Read

Ice Mountain on Trial
by michigan IMC

May 2003Modified: 05/16 09:46 EST
The fight against water privatization continues in Mecosta County, Michigan. There, the citizens group Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation is engaged in a legal battle with Ice Mountain Water, alleging that the bottling plant violaties Michigan's public trust principles. MCWC lawyers argue that Michigan's public lakes and streams are entrusted as a common good to the people of the state, and can therefore not be sold for profit. Read

U.S.: Bush Expands the Infrastructure of a Police State
By Patrick Martin
5 May 2003

While claiming democracy and freedom as the goal of its invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Bush administration is moving step by step to restrict freedom and undermine democracy at home, building up the infrastructure of a police state with essentially unlimited powers to spy on, interrogate and arrest American citizens. Read

National Public Hearings to Repeal the Patriot Act July 3

by Kellie Gasink
On July 3, cities around the country will hold National Public Hearings to Repeal the Patriot Act.
On July 3, cities around the country will sponsor independent public hearings called by the National Coalition to Repeal the Patriot Act. I would like the folks in each city to select a liason to work with me because I will be working through ALL the steps to make these a successful public hearings with all the cities that choose to hold public hearings. Read

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Robert Fisk: IndyMedia Radio Network
Independent Audio Program Schedule
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Short Wave Radio
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High Country News Radio

Page 4

Repro Choice: Oppose the Unborn Victims of Violence Act

Sometime in the next few months, we expect the Senate to consider--probably with little notice--S.146, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. "On its face," according to a fact sheet from Planned Parenthood, "this bill creates a penalty for violation of a number of criminal statutes if, in the course of commission of these crimes, an "unborn child" is injured or killed. The dangerous reality of the bill, however, is that it would elevate the legal status of the fetus to that of an adult human being. This is merely the first step toward eroding a woman's right to choose. The loss of a wanted pregnancy is a tragedy, but solutions should be real, not political." Read

Dear Green Dove,
from Mazin Qumsiyeh

As I hear of an appointed General Garner (one who signed a Zionist statement attacking Palestinians) "in
charge of Iraq" now creating "jobs" for subservient Iraqi and Iraqi Americans (recruited by the CIA or
Wolfowitz at the Pentagon). As Iraqi oil and money start flowing to a myriad of pockets of corrupt new "officials" and much media attention is paid to other
corrupt elitists and people in power (including Israeli apologists who hijacked our government and got
Israel its war). As countries who did not tow the Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheny line are being punished while
countries that did are getting the crumbs of the
massive spoils of war. As American, Israeli, and European "collectors" buy and sell Iraqi treasures.
As Israel continues its rampage against the occupied Palestinians (now fortified with billions more of our
taxes). As I hear the news of Israeli demands for Palestinian refugees to give-up their right of return
to their homes and lands. And finally, as the American public has to turn to other sources of information while the US media keeps spouting propaganda lulling some into talk of WMD, "democracy", Saddam and other distractions. It is time then to just put out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (signed by both the US and
Israel but violated daily by these countries). So here it is, read it and judge for yourself.

Mazin Qumsiyeh
visit our new website and act: http://Al-Awda.org

Police Shut Down HotHouse

HotHouse, the non-profit club well-known not only for its vibrant, multicultural entertainment, but its enthusiastic support for other progressive community projects, was raided by the Chicago Police Department on Friday night. Put in the context of growing Chicago police harassment of other left-of-center organizing projects since the March 20th Lake Shore Drive protest, this is an attack that we ignore at our peril. Read

"Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one's whole being into the being of another." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Ellen Barfield
May 25, 2003

It is most peculiar to find yourself back again where you were half your life ago, and with an entirely different agenda. I was 23 years old and quite naive when I traveled to South Korea under US Army orders in January 1980. At age 46 this May I found myself again traveling there, this time to testify at the commemoration of the Gwangju uprising and massacre of 1980 as a guest of the Korea Truth Commission (KTC).

As a newly-promoted Army Sergeant I had no idea there had been an assassination and coup in South Korea in 1979, nor that unrest was widespread due to anger at the illegal military dictatorship. Read

I loathe America, and what it has done to the rest of the world
By Margaret Drabble

I knew that the wave of anti-Americanism that would swell up after the Iraq war would make me feel ill. And it has. It has made me much, much more ill than I had expected.

My anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed me, like a disease. It rises up in my throat like acid reflux, that fashionable American sickness. I now loathe the United States and what it has done to Iraq and the rest of the helpless world. Read

Page 5

The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

The "road map" to further colonization

I think it is rather telling that the so called "road map" for a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict failed to include the words: "international
law" and "human rights." That these four simple words can be skipped in a document of 2221 words suggests
that this latest effort will not produce peace. The map also seems to ignore the wall of apartheid being
built and there is no mention of getting input from people affected regarding their future or teh nature
of the state they live in. Read

Challenging Empire on the World Stage
by Rebecca Solnit
Orion OnlineMay 20th, 2003

What We Hope For

On January 18, 1915, six months into the first world war, the first terrible war in the modern sense -- slaughter by the hundreds of thousands, poison gas, men living and dying in the open graves of trench warfare, tanks, barbed wire, machine guns, airplanes -- Virginia Woolf wrote in her journal, "The future is dark, which is on the whole, the best thing the future can be, I think." Dark, she seems to say, as in inscrutable, not as in terrible. Read

All the Colors of the Rainbow

by Karlene Albrecht, Parents' Source, May 20, 2003

When you mix red paint with blue paint, you get purple paint. When you draw over a blue marker with a yellow marker, you get the color green. If you combine red clay with yellow clay, you will end up with a lump of orange. But, when you combine all of the above colors, you get a beautiful rainbow that is only complete if all of the colors are present. Similarly, Read
Arundhati Roy on Empire, the Corporate Media, Indian Politics, Her Childhood and War

Arundhati Roy has emerged as one of the most eloquent critics of the Bush Administration's so-called war. The author of the novel The God of Small Things, for which she received the 1997 Booker Prize. It has sold six million copies and has been translated into over 20 languages worldwide. She has also written three non-fiction books: The Cost of Living, Power Politics and her newest book War Talk, a collection of essays analyzing issues of war and peace, democracy and dissent, racism and empire. A year ago she was the recipient of the 2002 Lannan Foundation Prize for Cultural Freedom. On May 12, 2003 she joined Democracy Now! co-hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez in the firehouse studio. Read

Annan marks International Day of Families with call for more resources

15 May - United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on world leaders today to provide the resources necessary for putting families closer to the centre of public policy in the effort to solve social welfare issues ranging from ageing and migration to fighting AIDS. Read


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--John Lennon