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Locally Owned Restaurants in Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington Bagel Co.
1430 E. 3rd Street, 339-4653, and 113, N. Dunn,
We visit the Bloomingtonton Bagel Company often. Our favorite bagels are the spinach, chocolatechip, honey wheat and blueberry. The biahely's a wonderful creation, cold or hot, they are satisfying. Nice smears and bagelwiches. They serve good coffee and have a reasonable variety of fine tasting drinks. Cookies and pastries in variety to satisfy one's sweet tooth. The chocolatechip cookie is delicious. Most of the people I know are partial to chocolatechip cookies.

Usually the bagelry tables are graced with brightly colored flowers or seasonal arrangements of gourds and dried flowers. The walls display enjoyable exhibits of local art. The bagel map and pictures are other points of interest. A wooden window counter is available for those who want to eat and look out, and there are sidewalk tables, when seasonal.



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Bloomington Community Gardens
Bloomington Community Orchards
Monroe County Cooperative Extension Services
Extension serves the citizens of Monroe County. Office Hours: 8:00 - 4:00, Monday through Friday. Telephone: 812-349-2575
725 West Kirkwood Avenue (inside Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe) has Locally Blended, Organically Sourced Herbal Teas and Seasonings
USDA ZONE MAP for Plant Hardiness for use as a guide for planting in different regions, this site also contains a list of plants that will survive in different regions.
A Tides Center Project - Links and amplifies women's voices on issues of food systems, sustainable communities and environmental integrit. 59624 Chicago Road, Atlantic, IA50022-9619

EarthSave Bloomington Chapter - Promotes food choices that are healthy for people and the planet. (Bloomington)
Planning With Power - Protecting Our Water and Environmental Resources - Calendar of Upcoming Events

Read all of the tips here: http://www.organicconsumers.org

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Esan Thai
phone: 812-333-8424, 812-333-THAI

Is a full service restaurant (trying to get wine and beer license) with carry out and catering trays available for business meetings, parties or other events. They offer special dishes from Northeast Thailand. The entrance is west of the Monroe county Public Library on Lincoln St. They are open Monday through Saturday, 11-2 for lunch and 5-9pm for dinner (till 10pm for Friday and Saturday). The owners are Aey and Don Schoonover.

Laughing Planet

This is the bean burrito palace. So far, I haven't found any better in a fast food setting, although, I am known to be a slow eater, no one seems to mind. The staff is always friendly, even when they have an ordering line crowd stretching to the door. Try the express burrito, if you are in a hurry, for fast food, it is delicious and in our experience always hot. Even when forced to buy it and go, the wrapping keeps it warm.

The vegetarian chili is delicious, so is the rest of their fare.

You can have service indoors or out on the stone patio filled with umbrella covered tables. Indoors there is an interactive shrine where you can leave prayers written on tiny papers. The tables are works of art and the walls boast the wondrous collage assembleges, like the shrine and other artwork by the owner artist.

Lennie's Restaurant, Pub and Brewery
1795 E. 10th Street

When it comes to excellent service, great locally brewed beers and gourmet pizza with a choice of traditional or multi-grain crust, in a sit down environment, this is one my favorite places, but that is just the tip of what this place has to offer. Again, they provide generous servings of hospitality with every item on the menu which includes a variety of pastas, soups, salads starters, world class selections of pub fare, strombolis, (I prefer to Create My Own), sandwiches and marvelous ales, cider and beers that change throughout the year. And don't forget the deserts. Don't have room for a full sized sweet? Try the mini-indulgences!

Why do I think they have great service? First of all every person I've come into contact with has had a great attitude and really make me and my guest feel that we are welcome, and that goes for all ages, which is something I think difficult to pull off.

Max's Place
109 W. 7th Street, (812-336-5169)

Michael's Uptown Café


Located on the corner of 6th and Madison, this place has authentic homemade Italian Ice Cream, soups, and sandwiches. So far we have enjoyed a variety of their delicious gelato with special meals and celebrations. We are still undecided as to which flavor we like best because we haven't tried them all, but the peanut butter chocolate chip is close to the top.

The decor is light and feels fresh and welcoming.

Players Pub
424 South Walnut Street

Not only does this place cook well, it is my #1 place to listen to a variety of really good music, connect with local people, and of course to dance!

Rachael's Cafe

Stop in, try the food, relax in the bright, open space that is great for meetings. I have heard that it is the #1 place to meet since the Encore closed).

Runcible Spoon Café & Restaurant
412 E. 6th Street

Over twenty years of stopping for excellent coffee and real lemonade, wholegrain waffles, poppyseed cake, stir fried potatoes and sitting near the stork and the assemblage of plants. Of watching Jeff and everyone changing throught the years, especially the children and the wait staff, until now it it almost a year since Mat O'Neil became the new owner. Chef Mat is also a part of the Bloomington Cooking School. Keeping much the same, he and Regan have made some positive visual changes and expanded the meal possibilities to include dinners and Sunday brunch. A larger and more varied crowd passes through the old house, some for a quick cup of coffee, others to settle in for a leasurely meal, or over a stack of paperwork or class books for reading between the refills.

The Runcible Spoon has always been a source of some of the best coffee in town. It was the first coffee roaster in town and is pleased to offer a variety of coffees, including organics purchased from shade growing cooperatives. It is nice to see things improve through change, but alo nice to keep some things the same. For a while a few of us wondered if the fish in the bathroom bathtub would go or stay. I am happy to see their orange bodies swishing through the waters.

Chef Mat, shows his love of the arts, particularly poetry by the generous display of books for patrons to enjoy while waiting for service. Local Musicians like the Randy's regularly perform, while others gather for practice sessions. Ask staff about the music. Local artist exhibit their works throughout the restaurant. Local poets gather often to read poetry, like the recent reading for "The Linen Weave of Bloomington Poets", the first public reading from the newly published anthology edited by Jenny Kander and published by Wiznd.

The Runcible Spoon has a lovely stone patio and a wooden porch in front. Local historical lore has it that, the Spoon was the first eatery to offer outside dinning in Bloomington, maybe even Indiana. The delicate leaved shade trees make it an inviting place to refresh during the warm season. The back porch, facing Bloomingfoods across the alley, offers a sunny spot for many regulars. A small garden boast cheerful flowers and a unique pond complete with a fountain, goldfish and lily pads.

Good smells, good eats, good coffee, good music, good poetry, good people- what else can I say.

The Runcible Spoon is host to the Runcible Spoon Poetry Series featuring readings on the fourth Friday of each month and also features a Celtic music session every weekly with Grey Larson.


When they bring out my favorite Chicken Tandore, heads turns toward the sizzling sound. The chicken arrives so red from the seasoning, nestled upon a bed of onions and peppers, hot and still keeping a bit of crispness on a wooden platter, the side dishes of vegetables in sauce, raita, flat bread and the petite salad. The mango juice is a thick sumptuous drink. Its color alone can brightens the day, and it is both filling and yummy in taste.

Service is always gracious with the wait staff speaking very little, although very attentive to the needs of customers.

Soma Coffeehouse
322 East Kirkwood

Yes, Bloomington is blessed with many establishments offering good or great coffee brewed from shade grown beans produced by small cooperatives. We have enjoyed every desert eaten there and the smoothies are definitely among the best in town. The crowd here is eclectic with a lot of students in attendance, books are open wide and writing tools busily working. The decor is wild collage art. I love the fish tank television and crazily painted walls.

The first Wednesday of each month, the Matrix presents its Open Mic and arrangements can be made to exhibit artwork at that time.

The Pizzeria

The pizzeria has a great feel to it when you walk in. The Waiters, and waitresses are friendly, and the food is wonderful. They have pizza, stromboli's, and sandwiches. I love to order their cheese pizza, and sprinkle large amounts of parmesan cheese on top. There are also dried pepper flakes, which lots of people love to put on their food. Their pizza is my favorite thing on the menu, and the crust is done just right. M.M.

Turquaz Cafe

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