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2016 is the International Year of Pulses


The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization passed a resolution in 2013 to officially designate 2016 the year of the pulses. Here are gladly just a few names of a few heirloom pulses (legumes, beans and peas) still avilable today. Some are very rare. Local Food believes it very important for us to maintain all remaining open pollinated seed material. Seeds are our global food genetic heritage. Seeds are an open YES to the possibility that we may continue.

Tarahumara, Whipperwheal Pea, Black Turtle, European Soilder Bean, Brown Bean, Kidney Bean, White Pean, Christmas Lima, Anasazi, Calypso, Black Eyed Pea, Cranberry, Fava, Garbanzo, Orca, Pink, Adzuki, Stallard, Rattlesnake, Scarlet Runner, Eye of the Goat, Tongues of Fire, Trout, Yellow Eye, Lentiles, Blauhilde, Blue Lake, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Marrow, Columbia Lizzard, Tepary, Dragon Tongue, Pigeon Pea, Hidatsa Red Indian, Cannellini, Black Valentine, Sunset Runner, Jacobs Cattle, Great Northern, Tendergreen, Lentils, Brown Eyed Pea, Fordhook Lima, Jade, Soybean. Good Mother, Black Garbanzo Beans, Black Calypso, Lupini, Creamy White-Eyed Pea, Chana Dal, Hutterite Soup, Jacob's Cattle Gold, Snowcap, Giant Kentucky Goose, Mennonite Purple Stripe, Pumpkin Bean, Granny's Shuck Bean, Greasy Fatback, Aunt Dora, South Carolina Red Stick, Missouri Wonder

Resources for heirloom seeds in Gardening Resources

2016 Internation Year of Pulses
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Since 2001 Local Food has been celebrating the wealth of global dining and locally owned community food resources in the Bloomington, IN area offering information on where we eat; community resources, information and food news that directly applies to the how, and the why of what we have available on our tables and how it connects to our national and global food community.

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