"Peruvian Blue and Sweets Too"!
Bloomington, Indiana
2001 - 2013
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Figtree Gallery & Coffee Shop
4865 Helmsburg Road
Partridge and Quigley, Ltd.
877 South College Mall Road

Rumba Cafe
620 W. Kirkwood Ave.

Runcible Spoon Café and Restaurant
412 East 6th Street

Scholars Inn Bake House
125 North College Avenue

Soma Coffee House
322 East Kirkwood Avenue

Stefano's Ice Café
21 Fountain Square Mall (5th and Walnut)
(One Leaf ) Dharma Supplies available in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe, 725 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington. Custom orders also available.


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Local Food News is a forum for the topic of food and what is happening in the Bloomington community and the world that affects what is on our tables. Information found here is available to inform the consuming public so that we may all have needed information about the changing face of food to assist us in making responsible sustainable food choices.

Local food is a resource for building local food networks, supporting sustainable agriculture and growing awareness on living in harmony with nature.

Get involved, send us your local food story!

Advertise in Local Food Put your ad dollars to work on the web site offering helpful information and resources on the topic of food in our Bloomington, Indiana community. Contact Leaf in advertising today to get our ad rates. Special rates for non-profits and community organizations.

Quilter's Comfort
Teas, Gourmet Herbal Jellies, including Beer Jelly, Wine Jelly and Coffee. Jellies, locally blended, and locally sourced products. Available on the menu in these fine establishments: ROOTS on the Square, Max's Place, Runcible Spoon, Rachael's Cafe, Players Pub and for sampling in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe & Quilter's Comfort Teas
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Bloomington,IN Food Policy Council. Contact Elizabeth at elizabethgregg(at)mac.com
Green Sanctuary Task Force, Unitarian Universalist Church Bloomington, IN - Programs on Thought for Food
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Since 2001 Local Food Bloomington has been a source of food information about locally owned food resources in Bloomington, Indiana. Local Food depends on you for information about what is happening in our community. We look forward to receiving your information about changes concerning the local food community and local food resources in general. Local Food welcomes your suggestions, corrections, reviews, and other information of use concerning local food to our readers. We are grateful that we are the leading resource for local food in the Bloomington, Indiana area!

Local Food Bloomington looks forward to growing stronger through networking with the local food community.

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May you always have an abundance of nutritious, delicious food, and that you always have enough to generously share.

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