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Relax and stimulate the body's natural healing with the gentle, non-invasive, pain reducing, stress reducing Vibrational wellness practices of Reconnective Healing, (SITH) Ho'oponopono, Reiki, Green Lifestyle Coaching, Quilter's Comfort Teas and other products, Inspirational Arts, Dance, Play and Crafts!
Rev. Patricia C. Coleman RSM HM SH

*DISCOUNT Wellness Club available for families,VETS, businesses, groups!

(One Leaf ) Dharma Supplies available in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe, 725 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington.
Custom orders also available.

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Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe & Quilter's Comfort Teas offers herbal products including a variety of gourmet jellies (coffee jelly, beer jelly, wine jelly) and is available for themed Herbal Tea Parties for one or more. Call Wellness Arts Cafe - 812-334-8155


Reconnective Healilng, Reiki, Aura Balancing, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts - appointments with Patricia C. Coleman RSMT, Reiki/Seichem Master Teacher, Aura Balancer, Ho'oponopono, Reiki Drum and Reiki Dance, Distance Sessions. PTSD Wellness Projects. Discount Wellness Cards, Wellness Arts Classes, Happy Hands for Children, Working with clients in all states of living. Alzheimers, Pain and Stress Management, Classes and Workshops for individuals and groups. Continuing Reiki Education - Call 812-331-0886334-8155, EMAIL for appointments.

Bloominglabs Bloomington's very own hackerspace! Indiana's first hackerspace (also known as a makerspace). We are a group of community members that have commonly rented a place where we can build projects both collectively and individually. We are open to the public on Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 10pm and are family friendly.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN, David Venstra,Good - Local - Private
Indiana Holistic Health Network Directory of Indiana's Holistic and Alternative Healing, and Wellness Practitioners - mind, body and spirit resources, data banks, green building, gardening, Community Supported agriculture, educators. http://www.indianaholistichealth.net/index
Green Dove is A peace network to groups, issues currencies, education, sustainable resources, nuclear issues, art, poetry, essays, news, web magazine and Local Food at http://www.greendove.net/localfood. is accepting submissions for Green Dove Web Magazine and for Local Food. If you are interested in supporting Green Dove, contact webmaster@greendove.net
Center for Sustainable Living - simple, sustainable living alternatives and community-enhancement.
Middle Way House - Shelter and resources for battered women and their children. Education and employment opportunities
L.E.A.R.N. Life Education and Resource Network: Diverse, inclusive, supportive collection of homeschooling families from Monroe and surrounding counties. $ family membership.
Sanshin Zen Community is an nternational Buddhist sangha founded by Shohaku Okumura, a Soto Zen priest and respected translator of the thirteenth-century Japanese Zen master, Eihei Dogen Zenji.
Stepping Stones services for youth to develop sustainable living skills.
Women Food & Agriculture Network links and amplifies women's voices on issues of food systems, sustainable communities and environmental integrity. A Tides Center Project, 59624 Chicago Road, Atlantic, IA 50022-9619
Bloomington Human Rights Commission meets every fourth Monday at 5:30 p.m. in the McCloskey Room at Showers City Hall. Contat BHRC at 812-349-3429
Boxcar Books and Community Center, 6th St. , Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project - 339-8710
Unitarian Universalist Church, Reverand Mary Ann Macklin, 2120 N. Fee Lane, (Fee Lane and the bypass).
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Hartwood - non-profit group protecting the beautiful hardwood forests of the American heartland - P.O. Box 1424, Bloomington, IN 47402, 812-337-8898

Local Food News is a forum for the topic of food and what is happening in the Bloomington community and the world that affects what is on our tables. Information found here is available to inform the consuming public so that we may all have needed information about the changing face of food to assist us in making responsible sustainable food choices.

Local food is a resource for building local food networks, supporting sustainable agriculture and growing awareness on living in harmony with nature.

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Since 2001 Local Food Bloomington has been a source of food information about locally owned food resources in Bloomington, Indiana. Local Food depends on you for information about what is happening in our community. We look forward to receiving your information about changes concerning the local food community and local food resources in general. Local Food welcomes your suggestions, corrections, reviews, and other information of use concerning local food to our readers. We are grateful that we are the leading resource for local food in the Bloomington, Indiana area!

Local Food Bloomington looks forward to growing stronger through networking with the local food community.

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