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Local Food Bloomington Directory is among the first and oldest go-local food resource for Bloomington, Indiana and beyond. Local Food supports and celebrates the wealth of global dining and community food resources in Bloomington and nearby Indiana, as well as our bio-region. This resource provides information on where we eat, where community food support is for those in need, resources and coverage that directly applies to the how, and why of what we eat. Local Food focuses on Locally Owned Restaurants,Coffeeshops, Wineries, Breweries, Community Food , Food Education, Baking Resources, Food Words, Recipes, Farmers Markets, Food Books, Wildcrafting, Food News, and information important to us eaters on a local/global scale.

Potential patrons and clients enter our directory, visit web pages and easily search for information about the Bloomington, Indiana Food community and beyond.

Our reasonable rates are convient to most advertising budgets. When you advertise with us, you come up on top! We are very pleased to rank well in search engines!

*Free Local Food Directory Listings - Whether you choose to advertise with us, we are interested in continuing as a support and advocate for healthy accessible local food resources as long as we possibly can. So, if we have a category that might include a listing to your business, check the Local Food Directory to see that we have your business or service correctly listed. If you find that you are not listed in a category where you could be, then please send us your information in the format used in our directory.

If you decide that you are a of local food resources, send us a note with the information in the format we use and the page title/address. Your information will be posted as soon as possible . If your business or service is listed in the Local Food Directory and you would like to connect to the web, please Local Food Bloomington a donation of $11(annually) or more and get connected!

Advertising Rates

Classified Ads

*General Classified Ad Rates
The cost is of placing a classified ad with the Local Food is $.50 per word up to 100 words; with an additional 25¢ per word up to 200 word limit.

We offer a 5% discount on multiple listings posted for six months to a year. Multiple listings can change their text message with a 20 day notice.

Free post of classifieds for no fee listings by non-profits or service groups - (with three week notice - these are posted as time allows)

*Seminar and Event Listings - per event
the cost is $33.00 per month per listing up to 100 words and an additional .50¢ per word. $66.00 monthly per listing with the inclusion of logos, photo or other graphic. There is a 5% discount on multiple listings of six months, and 10% discount on listings repeated six or more months. Event listings must be received at least two months prior to event.

-In addition, your event ad will also be announced in the Local Food Bloomington blog and e-mailed to our list in an monthly announcement.

*Directory Page Ad - Annual and Semi-Annual
-Your ad will also be posted to the Local Food Bloomington blog and announced to our e-mailing list.
You can choose to have your listing placed on any of the directory pages
Larger Ad (210x130, 72dpi) $99.00
Smaller Ad (105x130, 72dpi) monthy $66.00

This advertising is based on either a six month or one year listing, and is to be paid in full prior to listing publication.
*If you are already advertising with Local Food and taking out an additional ad, you can take 10% off these listed rates.

*Banner Advertising: -Your ad will also be posted to the Local Food Bloomington blog and announced to our e-mailing list. Banner ads can be placed on any of the interior directory pages.

*Premium Page Banners -Your ad will also be posted to the Local Food Bloomington blog and announced to our e-mailing list.

- $45.00 month - these ads are one click off the Home Page. $27 per month for pages two clicks away from the Home Page. Banner Sizes - 230pix wide (top only) or 140pix wide (top and side); 10K max

120x60 Pixel Multiple Static Banner Ad
Publish your ad on 2 different Local food pages of your choice for just $39 each per month, with a three month contract. Regular cost is $45 each per month with three month contract paid prior to listing).

120x120 Pixel Square Static Banner Ad
Publish your ad on 2 different Local food pages of your choice in directory.
Cost: $55 each per Month. with a six month or year contract only)

Support Local Food, and at the same time put your ad dollars to work in a website that gets great listing results!

Send contrabutions to Local Food, P.O. Box 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407


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